Tutoring Hours


Well-trianed Tutors


Success Rate

Our Features

Educational consultants to keep up with your child.

A free trial lesson to check if the tutor fits with your child's needs.

A personalized teaching plan for each student

No upfront payment

Sessions can be done at students' houses or online.

Subscription Flow


Submit you online application


A coordinator contacts you


choosing the suitable tutor


Arranging a trial lesson


Keeping up with an educational consultant


Monthly progress reporting

Participations & Collaboration 

Benefits and Advantages

Guaranteeing progress in a 8 sessions
Expanding general knowledge.
Helping students identifying their educational path & future career.
Using technology & engaging methods.
Awards & certifications for special students.


If the tutor and student fit together, it will be the first session in the subscription, if not we send another tutor, and it will be free.

In-person at your location all over Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Sharjah or online, depending on your preference and availability, our HQ is in Abu Dhabi.

We hire specialized tutors for special needs & learning disabilities

All school subjects, extra curricular classes, and exams preperation.

Basic subscription plan offers quality tutoring services + standard educational consultancy, while the premium plan provides quality tutoring + enhanced support and personalized attention from educational advisors.

To get enhanced support from our dedicated educational advisor, tailored one-to-one consultations for your child's academic success.

We provide regular progress reports and feedback to help you track your academic progress and identify areas for improvement.

You can request a replacement or choose a different tutor that better suits your needs. without any losses or risks.

Following up with students step by step, giving educational and parenting advices and setting a monthly plan to each student.

By matching process to pair tutors with students based on their individual needs, preferences, and availability.

You can easily request a tutor by signing up on our website or mobile app, providing details about your academic needs and preferences.

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