Why Parents Love Thiqa Tutoring?

Why Parents Trust Thiqa Tutoring?

Tutors you can trust 

We carefully select and verify our tutors, ensuring they are experienced, qualified, and dedicated to providing excellent education.

Customized Learning 

We provide personalized learning tailored to the learning experience to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each student, promoting effective and enjoyable learning experiences for each. 

Proven Results 

Our track record of helping students achieve academic success speaks for itself, giving parents confidence in our services. 

At Thiqa Tutoring, we firmly believe that behind every student lies the potential for a remarkable success story;

with our comprehensive, end-to-end tutoring approach, quality assurance, personalized learning style assessments, and one-one tailored tutoring, we make your child's story flourish.

Why Parents Depend On Thiqa Tutoring? 


From Struggle to Triumph; Abdullah's Journey with Thiqa Tutoring with Ms Ghada Saleh  

Abdullah Rashid Al-Hazmi, a ninth-grader, faced academic challenges in subjects like math, Arabic, and science, failing them twice. Thiqa Tutoring took him under its wing, helping him discover his strengths and build confidence. Abdullah's belief in himself grew, and he excelled in his exams. Thiqa Tutoring believes in unlocking every child's potential and offers a free trial class to help students on their educational journey.  


​ Fares: A Triumph of Diligence and Determination  

Fares Al-Kunya, a student who faced disruptions in his education due to the 2019-2021 pandemic, overcame challenges with determination and the support of his teacher, Ms.Hanaa Hassan. Under Professor Hanaa's mentorship, Fares excelled in his science studies, achieving an outstanding 90% in his final exams for the third year of secondary school. Thiqa Tutoring played a crucial role in providing support, communication with Fares's parents, and tailored study plans. Fares now aspires to join the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates. His success serves as an inspiration for diligence and persistence at Thiqa Tutoring.  


School Subjects

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Homework Help


English , Arabic , French 

Prep Tests

Our experienced tutors will help you achieve your best possible score by providing personalized instruction and guidance


200 AED /Hour


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