Benefits and Perks  

Thiqa Tutoring takes full responsibility for organizing and managing the entire educational process along with tutors. Also, we:  

Manage relationships and interactions with parents.

Support tutor’s teaching endeavors with assistance from three dedicated teams; Tutor Success Team, Student Success Team and Educational Consultations.

Handle financial claims, and bank transfers.

Offer transportation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and soon in Sharjah.

Provide necessary reference materials and educational resources.

Flourish practical experience and open the door for teaching career experience.

Deliver professional training on work protocols.

Extend supportive, interactive, and collaborative work environment.

Because we believe that behind every student's success story is a teacher,

we've created two success teams dedicated to ensuring the success of each tutor we recruit and every student we educate. 

Our expert educational consultants supervise tailor-made consultations for both, ensuring the highest quality and creating even more success stories.    
We are setting the standard for the tutoring industry.  

How much can you make as a tutor?

Calculate your potential earnings

See how much you can earn as a tutor when setting your own hours

How many hours are you able to tutor each week?


You can earn up to

3400 AED /Month

Per week

You can earn up to

6800 AED /Month

Per week

You can earn up to

10200 AED /Month

Per week

You can earn up to

13600 AED /Month

Per week


* University bachelor's degree (Mathematics - Physics - Chemistry - Biology – Engineering or any related degrees)

* 1-3 years of proven experience in teaching.

* Fluent in both English and Arabic.

* Passionate about education, with the ability to inspire students to succeed.

* Excellent IT and interpersonal communication skills to work closely with students and parents.

* Comfortable with private tutoring at the student’s place

Thiqa Tutoring is looking for talented and passionate people Not a certificate. So, if you are dedicated to making a positive impact on students' lives and have the enthusiasm for teaching, we encourage you to join our team. Your commitment and passion are what truly matter to us."

Interested tutors are invited to join Thiqa Tutoring through the web application available in it platform by submitting the form and CVS, HR team will contact them to proceed to the next stages, should your qualifications meet our requirements.

Thiqa Tutoring offers tutoring services for a wide range of subjects and grade levels. You can specify your areas of expertise during the application process or while signing the contract.

Ready to start your teaching journey ?

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