​ What is Thiqa Tutoring?

Thiqa Tutoring (TT) is UAE's first Tutors Providers, by customers, for educational and teaching servi ces.

It not only connects students with tutors, but manages and facilitates the whole learning process, with full commitment to provide unique learning experience for the learners, to achieve their requirements.

Our journey began in 2022, and today, we have established a strong presence in four major cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Ain.

Thiqa Tutoring takes great pride in being a UAE-born brand that embodies the very best in international educational and teaching methodologies and standards.

Student X Tutor End to End Solution

Seamless, exceptional and trusted experience for every student we serve and tutor we recruit.

Our vision

Top VR Tutoring Marketplace Worldwide

High Quality Private Tutoring Everywhere & To Everyone

Social Educational Impact Globally

Founders & Management


Thiqa Tutoring Operation Teams are comprised of dedicated and highly efficient teams, working tirelessly to ensure the seamless delivery of educational services.

Thiqa Tutoring Tutors

Our team of passionate and qualified tutors are the backbone of Thiqa Tutoring. They provide one on-one tutoring sessions, deliver educational content, and support students in achieving their academic objectives. 

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