About Thiqa Tutoring

Our institute offers private lessons for students in their homes, because we believe that the student needs to interact with the professor, and this does not happen in online lessons.

We have a group of carefully selected teachers

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Seamless, exceptional trusted experience for every student we serve, tutor we recruit
Our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire student-tutor relationship and process, providing end-to-end solutions to student-tutor relationship and all associated processes. 

From Acquisition 1 and Recruitment2 to Training3, Transportation 4, Platform facilitation 5, Payment management 6, Demand fulfillment 7, and Educational advisory 8, Matching 9, and Organization 10.

Student X Tutor End To End Solution

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Revolutionizing tutoring experience

by Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality technology, we take online tutoring to the next level, offering engaging and immersive learning sessions that surpass traditional methods.

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